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       About Us                                                



We are an educational community within the Sodalite family, which offers its members a personalized, integral and bilingual formation based on the values of the Catholic Faith.

By the year 2018, we aim to be a learning community known both for its human richness, and its commitment to transform society through a deep, critical, and open vision of the wider world.

Our vision of the human-being is that of the Catholic Church: a person created with a Bio-Psycho-Spiritual nature whose elements are to be developed harmonically over the course of one's life. The aim is for each person to reach the fullness of his or her own existence and to undertake the responsibilities and challenges presented by the world from the foundation of their own identity.


INTEGRAL FORMATION: Education offers a way for people to discover and attain personal skills; realize the full unfolding of their capabilities for their own well-being, that of others and Creation; and for them to have the tools and conviction to be truly extraordinary in how they face the challenges of the world.

PERSONALIZED FORMATION: In each student, we recognize a valuable and unique person. That is why we respectfully guide each boy and girl to discover his and her own identity, and to strive for coherence with that identity every day.

EXISTENTIAL FORMATION: Guidance is offered in accordance with the personal reality of each student. This implies that we listen, value and respond to students in their search for answers, and in their desires, as well as in their frustrations, wounds and limitations.

OBJECTIVE WAY OF THINKING: We emphasize that there is an existent reality that transcends our own ideas and feelings. This point influences the structure and clarity of thinking, which touches upon every aspect of our educational program. A program understood in this way allows every subject to complement one another in the overall search and knowledge of the truth.

FORMING THE WILL: We are determined to form our students in self-mastery in order to strengthen their character. The will is integrated with knowledge, and both act simultaneously to guide all the human faculties. This is developed through accompanying students in a way that respects their freedom. We provide them with a demanding horizon, which will help define and enrich their capability to be responsible for themselves and others.

SPIRITUAL LIFE: It aims to help students form and comprehend themselves, as well as the world through the Catholic worldview. In this way, the school fosters a harmonious interaction between faith, reason and science. They are conceived as different views which complement and enrich one another.

COMMUNITY FORMATION: We consider the whole educational community responsible for forming and accompanying students in their growth. Therefore, we form solid communities bound by common ideals and friendship; always promoting mutual support.

FORMING FOR LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE: In providing an integral formation for each student, one that includes love for one's country, in addition to a thorough knowledge of research and of language, we train our students to be leaders and to serve in solidarity. Having the tools and knowledge are not enough. We expect them to be responsible for their country and their fellow citizens. Moreover, we expect them to experience commitment to their neighbor as a path to achieve personal growth and purpose for their own lives.

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