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       Elementary School                                


Covers from first, second and third of elementary school. Organizing this beginning school entails having teachers with competences to pick up pedagogical processes based on de performance of the standard achievements for each grade, and at the same time to organize school activities according to the characteristics, interests and necessities of children at that age. Our final purpose is to contribute to the personalized attention of our little ones in order to offer them, in their early school years, a conducting thread capable of articulate processes and facilitate the creation of an actual interaction with the family. We prioritize aspects such as:
  • Love, as a starting point in the integral education and only means that make it possible.
  • Family relations, simple and close among all the education community members.
  • Happiness, as an essential factor in education and necessary means to favor the students’ development.
  • Perseverance, tenacity and love towards a job well-done as a base for a responsible educational effort.
  • Education that starts from the positivism within each individual as a means to overcome limitations.
Elementary level strengths

Individualized guidance
Has the fundamental objective of boosting the child´s intellectual and moral faculties in order to consolidate their aptitudes, promote ample and solid knowledge, and develop values through the practice of good daily routines. In our elementary grades, we work so the activities and scholar relations allow the development in each student according to their capabilities, interests and learning pace as well as their family and social personal history.

the development of the English language strengthens. Students take full curriculum classes in English such as; math, social sciences, and technology. they become familiarized with more complex terminology of the English language, integrating it to their vocabulary and acquiring reading and writing abilities that allow students to communicate their thoughts in a very conceptual and applied way.

Group tutorial plan
The Group Tutorial Plan (PTG) is the planning and execution tool from which tutors and homeroom teachers transmit and develop an approach to reality from spirituality and faith, the fundamentals of our formation plan. This way, we seek to answer the questions and necessities of their own reality and be present at their evolution process, at the same time we help each student to know and find their dimension to advance in the path of relation towards God´s communion, with others and the surrounding world.

Research under the methodology of Small scientists
A pedagogical proposal that generates concept learning and science procedures promotes attitudes and develops scientific thinking among students in basic education. Students observe real challenges, manipulate material, propose hypothesis, experiment, and confront against results, therefore they propose conclusions.

Intercultural Project
Our school develops the learning methodology through projects, in which, each year it has a different specific theme. The English Department takes part in the intercultural project during one semester of the school year from grades 1st to 11th. These projects, besides the interdisciplinary aspect, create abilities in the students such as: organization, autonomy, tolerance, and respect to the opinion of others; stimulating group work and argumentative abilities.

We support harmonic personal growth
We accompany both the personal identification process and the social openness within the pedagogy of values. The students, with their own characteristics, necessities, potential not just as simple receptors of theoric knowledge.

Preparation for the sacraments
Second grade is the grade in which we prepare our students for the sacraments of reconciliation and first communion. This is a very important time for spiritual and humane growth therefore we seek our student to experience this not only at school with the religion and ethic classes, but also at home. Involving parents as first teachers of faith. The main purpose is to celebrate that Christ is alive and gives his body and blood to us so we can be happy and make others happy as well.

Preparation for “Pruebas del saber”
From 1st grade, we prepare our students with drills and diagnostic tests to apply the “Pruebas del Saber” this program has the purpose of reaching necessary competence to contribute to the education superiority of our students. It is also a way for our institution to interpret and analyze the results in order to define policies to strengthen our educational processes.

Evaluation (1290 decree)
We comply with the standards from the Ministry of Education in decree 1290 of 2009; it observes the new vision in assessment practices. We are advancing towards a more dynamic and open process centered in the pedagogical impact over different integral human development dimensions. In our assessment process, the students and parents play a participative roll which obliges them to create and take advantage of the opportunities of evaluation and co-evaluation.

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