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       Middle School                                        


From 4th to 9th grades, the school offers its students spaces to develop their own adolescent characteristics: consciousness of themselves, autonomy, search for experiences and abilities of thought. At the same time, they find the support, companionship and closeness necessary provided by our counselor in how to manage their feelings and thoughts effectively identifying with the world around them.

In High School, academic and educational aspects are promoted in a confident, dialogue, and team work environment. It establishes space to develop specific adolescent characteristics self-conscience, autonomy, search of experiences and abilities of thought. At the same time they, find the support, companionship and closeness necessary provided by our counselor in how to manage their feelings and thoughts effectively identifying with the world around them.

Middle and High School values

Bilingualism proposal
We strongly believe that acquiring and mastering a second language is fundamental in a globalized world, for it is an instrument of progress and knowledge for the human-being. Therefore we inculcate its development along with the thinking process. This allows students to perform efficiently in all the communicative abilities complying with the high level standards nationally and international.

From 2nd to 9th grade, reading comprehension and conversation skills are strengthened departing from a communicative approach that develops the language abilities: reading, speaking writing, listening integrating grammar gradually.

In 10th and 11th grades we opt to reinforce the second language abilities and prepare our students for various English Language examinations such as: PET, FCE, IELTS, AND SABER (11th) well-known internationally by institutions that have a second language program.

Norm management
Children and adolescent respond to respect and positive expectations, therefore in our formation process, it is necessary to take corrective actions when inappropriate behaviors could affect the student or the person to whom he relates. The corrective actions seek out to establish level point between individual and group development in order to satisfy necessities in the community.

Annual field trip
It takes place outside the school grounds in order to build up the experience of personal interactions, group harmony and resolution of possible difficulties.

Spiritual retreat
Once a year for 9th to 11th graders.

Group tutorial plan
The Group Tutorial Plan (PTG) is the planning and execution tool from which tutors and homeroom teachers transmit and develop an approach to reality from spirituality and faith, the fundamentals of our formation plan. This way, we seek to answer the questions and necessities of their own reality and be present at their evolution process, at the same time we help each student to know and find their dimension to advance in the path of relation towards God´s communion, with others and the surrounding world.

Professional Guidance Project
Its purpose is to level the abilities of our students to enter higher education. It focuses on the main school subjects, develops a technological culture, forms general abilities and intervenes in the cultural, scientific, technological and social transformations that society in the XXI century demands. 11th grade students complement their project with company internships which confront their aspirations with real practice.

International Project (Bilingualism)
In our changing world it is very important to have an open mind, a second or even a third language and the possibility to travel the world with no restrains or barriers. The school has had the experience of students ‘exchanges in Canada and New Zealand, currently, we have a strategic alliance with Study Union.

French emphasis
French language is practiced from 4th to 11th grades, following the tradition of Sagrado Corazon schools and the requirement of a world that demands highly competitive professionals opened to diverse languages and cultures.

Multicultural project / English Department
Our school develops the learning methodology through projects. The English Department takes part in the intercultural project during one semester of the school year from grades 1st to 11th. These projects, besides the interdisciplinary aspect, create abilities in the students such as: organization, autonomy, tolerance, and respect to the opinion of others; stimulating group work and argumentative abilities.

Field trip project /social science Department
Our systematic pedagogical model and these field trips offer us recognition of various targets and a no-lineal transversal view. It is very important to remember that learning is best achieved through context through experimentation. Our students acquire the new information about the knowledge they already have and the interaction with their surroundings.

Reading competence
In order to improve the argumentative, analytic and interpretative competencies, twice a week students’ reading competence is assessed. This way, students train for the Pruebas del Saber and the National Evaluation ICFES. Strengthening their thinking abilities.

Social and scientific research
Research Methodology is taken by 6th and 7th graders in order to guide them in how to proceed with research starting from the quantitative qualitative and mixed approaches and take them further from the sensitive appearance of the phenomena. In 8th and 9th grades students develop a social theoric-practical research focused on the basic management of qualitative and quantitative methods. The theoric bases that support the course are varied and aim towards an ample and diverse view of what social research and the research possibilities are. These include manuals, essays, didactic material and other academic productions completed by renowned social researchers and teachers from various national and international institutions.

Academy emphasizing in Biotechnology.
We have proposed the scientific activity as the main context for student grade 10th and 11th to live and learn from the physics, biological, psychological, social world to acquire knowledge about humanity and its surroundings. We want students to become self-aware of these ideas about science in their very particular ways of observing, thinking, experimenting, and validating for these are the habits of the mind that represent the absence of nature and the ones that reflect how science differs from other ways of knowing and learning.

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