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The education offered to boys and girls at this stage, instills their development in every dimension; biological, cognitive, psychomotor, spiritual, social and emotional development; therefore, through the recreational and pedagogical socialization the child will be able to:

Harmonize their social emotional, spiritual, aesthetic, physical, communicative and cognitive abilities appropriate for their age and social surroundings.

Generate conditions that allow research, scholar and integral development of human dimensions in order to give continuity to the socialization process of the child.

Facilitate the child the transition from community and family life to scholar life.

Achieve a level of research, comprehension, acceptance in the child. Bring awareness of life values in the community to assume attitudes of respect and responsibility towards themselves and others.

The preschool layout program at Colegio Sagrado Corazon Montemayor is as follows:

  • Prekindergarten: aimed to boys and girls between 4 and 5 years old.
  • Kindergarten: aimed to boys and girls between 5 and 6 years old.
  • Transition: aimed to boys and girls between 6 and 7 years old.
Added values and services to our preschool:

Personalized Guidance: at this important physical, emotional and intellectual acquisition stage in life, the guidance offered by the school coordinators and as well from teachers confers each child a concise knowledge of the learning processes bringing in significant experiences to enrich and favor their development. The Counseling Department supports varied formative practices within the educational context embodied in each child´s concrete necessities, this way; each student unfolds abilities and possibilities from the general development plan. Sustaining the individual characteristics of students and giving support to the families in their mission as first-hand educators of their children.

Bilingualism: students receive a gradual immersion in the English language that allows them to identify phonetics and learn basic vocabulary in order to identify their immediate surroundings and yield a communicative ability.

Group Tutorial Plan: the Group Tutorial Plan (PTG) is the planning and execution tool from which tutors and homeroom teachers transmit and develop an approach to reality from spirituality and faith, the fundamentals of our formation plan. This way, we seek to answer the questions and necessities of their own reality and be present at their evolution process, at the same time we help each student to know and find their dimension to advance in the path of relation towards God´s communion, with others and the surrounding world.

Integrated work from the development dimensions: understanding who our children are allows us to comprehend their development dimensions. This conception places us in our own dynamic that responds to interests, motivations, attitude and aptitudes of each child. From an integral point of view, we conceive the evolution of a child in various dimensions and processes at the same time and we are fully interested in these developments not as independent but as complementary ones.

Methodology based in recreation-pedagogical projects: our pre-school carries out a methodology through projects which generate and take advantage of significant situations where recreational activities are considered basic in order to develop the abilities to recognize discover and create. This method allows the educator to understand and respect the integrity from each individual as well as planning and organization of tasks having as a starting point the students´ interests and needs and the join-participation of other teachers and parents.

Norm management: positive reinforcement is vital in our educational process, as a strategy to manage behavior and to generate self-esteem and confidence. Children need to feel secure within their environment, therefore we account for different companion strategies that promote cooperation, respect, and tolerance through vivid life lessons which will turn them into self-aware individuals with the ability to face diverse difficulties and socialize through positive values.

Assessment: our way to assess conceive the child as a potential being in continuing forming process considering all the developmental dimensions for them to act in a cheerful, free and intelligent manner in an environment where they are the active part of their formation. The assessment process in our pre-school only makes sense if it is conceived as a follow-up qualitative and permanent analysis process and visualization of the child´s development and learning that allows previous states at the beginning, how the child has advanced and at what point and situations the student needs support. Thereby we achieve, by the end of the school year, that the child reaches a high level of satisfaction and interest for knowledge and a great desire to continue his learning process and school life.

Small scientists: A pedagogical proposal that generates concept learning and science procedures promotes attitudes and develops scientific thinking among students in basic education. The project is based in the implementation of innovating and experience pedagogies with permanent guidance from the teacher. While the children undergo this experimental task they discuss, reason, among themselves and build knowledge; in a progressive and continuing approach which is structured to concepts and scientific techniques. Activities are complemented by Science Clubs, projects, museum visits, and consultancy among others. Furthermore, in the course of their work, children consolidate oral and written communication, team work that promotes families participation. The Exploration Recreational Center holds the necessary equipment; reading center, experiments, scientific advances among others. It also has a garden for students to practice what they learned.

Sports Club: extra-curricular activities with workshops that focus on music and sports as means to develop abilities in art and corporal fitness.

Basic principal of Pre-School Education: all of this is applied within the legal educational laws (Res 2343) which state the standard achievements for each student´s dimension in Pre-school.

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